Productive Play | The Key to Client Collaboration

Transforming ideas into realities is a serious affair but one that requires productive play.

Making the transformation process possible involves great sacrifices — be those in time and attention taken away from other activities, financial risks or austerities, or the ego humbling necessary to bring on board stakeholders in one's vision. Sacrifice, by its nature, is never fun even when you undergo it with an open heart, but it's the price creatives and visionaries are willing to pay to get to the joy of the "manifestation".

Manifestation is the process of "productive play" — when you fully inhabit the boundaries of the sandbox and go to town with the toys you've been allotted (aka accepting limitations in order to be set free to play with all the actual possibilities that can be brought to fruition), in order to engage in a joy-filled, dialogue, and state of play with your collaborators to literally create a full world out of that sandbox. Play — engaging in imaginative activity without conscious regard for an outcome — is paradoxically key to the kind of creation that draws in others.

When working with clients, it's so important to be serious about the task and stakes involved, but the play aspect — being completely open to each other's ideas and tastes and really being open to learning something new from each other — not only makes the working relationship flow BUT, more importantly, that joyfulness comes through in the work and becomes attractive to others.

With that said, AiKaDea would be nothing without its clients (obviously). So, to start off the Spring, watch this space and our social media. Some of our clients have agreed to be featured to share our collaborative process but, more importantly, their visions, projects, and passions.


This week's client is editor Hanna Sturwold whose keen observations of behavior guide her detail-oriented and humanistic approach to editing.

Please check out her website: and follow along on FB and IG to find out more.